Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bill Gates' Patents

We were asked this question-- Bill Gates of Microsoft, how many patents?

The answer today-- all patent applications-- is 54; here's the list.

Interestingly, some have nothing to do with Microsoft-esque computing, such as this one that shows Searete LLC as the Assignee, "Injectable controlled release fluid delivery system"--

Embodiments of a material delivery device including a deformable reservoir and associated controllable output mechanism are described. Methods of use and control of the device are also disclosed. According to some embodiments, a material delivery device may be placed in an animal in order to controllably dispense at least one material into the animal. The material delivery device may include a programmable mechanism to control the release of the material into the animal. In selected embodiments, a remote controller may be used to program or to control the material delivery device. Some embodiments are described wherein a magnetic field, an electric field, or electromagnetic control signal may be used.

Also, Gates appears to have a new, stealthy company called BGC3. The logo is below:

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