Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inventor Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau received his first U.S. patent in 1949, called Diving Unit.

Over his long life, he garnered a total of 16 U.S. patents.

The last was Apparatus for Producing a Force When in a Moving Fluid, from 12/23/1986--

A device for producing a force when in a moving fluid, such as air or water, and a method for using said device. The device may be placed in a fluid moving in a first direction for producing a force in a second direction, which is substantially transverse with respect to the first direction. The device avoids the use of large sail areas needed where the force derived from wind is proportional to said area. The device according to the invention comprises an elongated body having in cross-section a rounded symmetrical profile, which defines an elongated and rounded leading portion whose thickness increases from the front to the rear and a rounded trailing portion whose thickness decreases from the front to the rear, the leading portion being longer than the trailing portion. The device according to the invention is also provided with at least one flap, which projects from the body and which is located on the trailing portion of the profile.

Brad Matsen recently authored a superb book on Cousteau, called The Sea King, and Cousteau's work continues today at

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