Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sherwin-Williams IP

How many U.S. patents & patent apps for Cleveland-based Sherwin-Williams?


See them here.

Since its founding by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company has not only grown to be the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, but is among the largest producers in the world.

Their latest patent is from October 2009 titled Pigment and coating composition capable of inhibiting corrosion of substrates:

The present invention relates to a pigment and a coating composition comprising such a pigment, wherein it is contemplated that a coating composition containing such pigment is capable of inhibiting corrosion of a substrate to which it is applied. In one embodiment, the pigment comprises a filler having calcium borate, calcium molybdate, and calcium phosphate deposited on the surface of the filler. In an exemplary embodiment, the filler is calcium carbonate.

There are three inventors listed--
  1. Simpson, Charles H. (Avon, OH)
  2. Peck, Michael W. (Coffeyville, KS)
  3. Wright, Lisa M. (Coffeyville, KS).

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