Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Smith & Wesson IP

Springfield, MA-based Smith & Wesson has 123 U.S. patents and patent apps, see them here.

Their latest was from 11/17/2009 titled Fire Control Mechanism for a Firearm, #7,617,628 [the lone inventor for this patent is the prolific Brett Curry]--

A firearm includes a frame and a slide. A firing mechanism for the firearm includes a striker-type firing pin, a trigger, and a trigger bar. A sear inside the frame is pivotally balanced about a central fulcrum, and is biased in a first pivotal direction by a spring. In this position, a rear portion of the sear engages the firing pin. Actuation of the trigger causes the trigger bar to move rearwards for engagement of a forward portion of the sear. This pivots the sear in a second pivotal direction, against the spring, which releases the firing pin. The spring then causes the sear to pivot back for reengaging the firing pin when it returns to its rear position. Movement of the slide to a retired position causes the trigger bar to disengage from the sear (preventing discharge of the firearm) until the slide returns to a battery position.

Smith & Wesson is a public company, SWHC on NASDAQ.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scaled & Burt Rutan

Scaled is Burt Rutan's company (founded in 1982, based in Mojave, CA), and the firm has four patents.

Consider Fabrication of structure having structural layers and layers of controllable electrical or magnetic properties from 2001--

A structure having layers of controllable electrical properties is prepared by furnishing a sheet of a substrate material, patterning a pattern of recesses into a surface of the sheet of the substrate material, filling the pattern of recesses with a mixture of an active phase and a matrix, and laminating the sheet to a base structure. The filled recesses may be of any desired shape, depth, and orientation. The active phase is particles of a material such as an electrical conductor or semiconductor, or magnetic particles.

Scaled is working with Virgin Galactic on private spaceflight.

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