Friday, August 28, 2009

Auto-blogging TV Remote?

Seems IBM is working on technology that would enable you to blog or tweet straight from the remote control of your TV.

Their patent 7,519,658 titled Automatic blogging during media viewing was issued on April 14, 2009--

A method, system and apparatus provide for automatic blogging of media viewing using an enhanced remote controller having networking capabilities that support social networking and blogging. The enhanced remote controller, suitable for use while viewing media programming and content, allows a viewer to autoblog about currently experienced media programming in real-time without having to resort to direct interaction with a computer to perform the autoblogging. The enhanced remote controller allows the viewer to both communicate with a blogging server, and thus to a blogging service, as well as to display responses to and from other bloggers with whom the viewer is communicating. These blog communications may be accomplished without the viewer having to leave the broadcast receiver of the television.

IBM's Inventors for this IP (total of five)--
Anglin; Howard N. (Austin, TX), Young; Yvonne M. (Elgin, TX), Silvia; Elizabeth (Austin, TX), Ratliff; Emily J. (Austin, TX), Kandagatla; Chaitanya (Round Rock, TX) .

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Friday, August 21, 2009

eInstruction IP

There's a powerhouse set of classroom tools now available for America's teachers.

A good example is Denton, TX-based eInstruction which was founded in 1980 by Dr. Darrell Ward, and pioneered the use of student response systems in education with the creation of a small hand-held device called CPS™ (Classroom Performance System™) and associated software.

Their patent 7,343,134 titled System and method for communicating with students in an education environment was issued in March of 2008--

A communication system for communicating with students in an education environment includes a plurality of remote units, a base station that receives messages from the remote units, a processor, a memory, and a display simultaneously visible to all users of the remote units. The base station receives a response to a current question from a remote unit. The processor determines whether the current response is a valid response, and uses the display to visually indicate to a user of the remote unit whether the response is valid.

eInstruction was in the news this month re: IP, read their press release here.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HeartWare: Ventricular Assist

Framingham, MA-based HeartWare makes ventricular assist systems.

Their patent 7,436,145 titled Method and apparatus for controlling brushless DC motors in implantable medical devices was issued in October of 2008, it is one of 10 U.S. patents & patent applications they have.

HeartWare is in the process of raising about $59 million. The firm considered a merger with Pleasanton, Calif.-based Thoratec earlier this year, but the FTC moved to block the $282 million merger, contending Thoratec already dominates the U.S. market for heart implants designed to boost the left ventricle's ability to push blood throughout the body. The companies then said they were voluntarily spiking the merger rather than deal with a costly legal challenge.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trumpet's Patent Attorney Website Framework

The folks at Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC, in their 10th year in business, have created a new Patent Attorney web framework that can be viewed at, and a full list of features can be seen at

Most patent attorney websites are way overdue for a refresh, especially with the proper sensitivities to SEO. The Trumpet Marketing Group has long excelled in creating attorney websites ( is their main website), and their new Patent Attorney framework is a major leap forward in the state-of-the-art.

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